why join contender gym?

Contender Fight Academy was founded by Garry Bell back in 2008 after a successful career in kickboxing & K-1.

Garry is the former British champion and has competed under kickboxing and k-1 rules.
Garry has trained many amateur and pro fighters who will go on to have successful careers in the k-1 Sport.

Here is where Garry dedicates his time and commitment into training children from age 4 through to adults from around the north east area from his gym based in Stockton on tees. As a team we strive to provide top quality k-1 training, fitness and body conditioning for all our members old and new.

We don’t believe in strong egos and always provide a safe and welcoming environment for all who enter our gym.

Contender fighters start from age 4 with our ‘micro contender’ classes through to adult classes fit for all abilities.

At Contender Fight Academy we understand how important keeping fit and healthy is but the real challenge is how contender fight academy can tick all the boxes of cardio, endurance and strength whilst making our training interesting, challenging and enjoyable.

Contender Fight Academy have, designed a training system from beginner to the accomplished fighter which will be practiced on our specially designed equipment to help you develop all the necessary skills of a fighter, from footwork routines to kicking and punch combinations.

The Contender Fight Academy instructors will also guide you through the physical fitness aspects of a fighter, developing a sound endurance that we can add strength and power whilst, at the same time, keeping your flexibility and range of movement in your muscles because, as you will agree, a professional professional fighters physique and level of fitness is one of the best you can achieve.
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